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We're the Official Supplier to British Sub-Aqua Club for club websites. We help you set up a beautiful yet easy to manage website for your club, that allows you to engage existing members and recruit new members easily.

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We've been chosen by British Sub-Aqua Club to deliver a solution for all clubs that is on-brand and easy to use.

An easy-to-use, on brand platform

We'll set you up with a website that's easy to maintain, allows you to recruit and engage members locally, and if you wish, share your scheduled trips, training and other events with the wider BSAC community.

We've produced websites that are now used by 50+ clubs

Take a look at some of the websites we've produced for clubs across the UK and beyond.

Your club website

We've produced a framework that allows us to set-up an easy-to-use, on brand website for your club, work with you to add the content, and push it live onto a domain name of your choice.

Your website will run on a domain name of your choice, using the WordPress content management system for easy editing. At any point, you can log in and add/remove pages and change text and imagery. Contact enquiries will be emailed to you to pick up.

Our team will work in a staging area to ensure you love your website before it's live to the public.

Got any questions? Feel free to email us via hello@kolodo.com and a member of our team will be in touch.

  • One-off £200 fee, covering website with unlimited pages

  • A bespoke page and form encouraging people to try diving or snorkelling, or visit if already trained

  • £6 monthly cost covering hosting, security certificate, .uk domain and support

  • Photo and video gallery (integrated with Instagram and YouTube for clubs that use these)

  • Add your own trips, training and social events and take online payments, with the option to share with the wider BSAC community

  • Members area with upcoming events, join/renew links and other key links to bsac.com

  • News area for the latest information to be shared

  • Contact information for new enquiries and existing members

  • Google Analytics set up with goal tracking

  • Social media links


How long will it take to build our website?

The first thing we'll do is add your website to our project management tool, and give you a short list of things we need to get the website online. We can launch your new website within just a couple of weeks, once we have everything we need from you!

When will we have to pay in relation to the delivery of the new website?

The one-off fee of £200 is paid when you sign up, and we'll begin charging £6 per month covering hosting, security certificate, .uk domain and maintenance once the website is live. This is all handled via a card payment or Direct Debit. You can choose your preferred method of payment when you sign up.

Can we have our own logo in the top left corner rather than the main BSAC one with our name?

Of course. Our team will liaise with you on the branding of your website.

Could we use stock videos and pictures or would we have to use our own?

We’ll use your photos. If you don’t have any, we’d be more than happy to supply some for you to use.

Can we change the links in the top navigation?

Yes. All pages and menus can be altered to your requirements.

How flexible is the design?

We’ve designed a framework for you to use, with templates allowing you to do everything you should need to. We can amend the layout of the pages for you, but the creative style is fixed.

Do you need any technical knowledge to do this?

Not at all. Our team will create and populate your website for you. We’ll manage your domain name, hosting and security certificates for you. If you can use Microsoft Word, you’ll have the ability to log in and make amendments to the website with ease.

Could this solution look after the management of our emails? And if so what would that cost?

Of course. We can work with you to set-up one free email addresses using your domain name, or up to 10 email forwarders, allowing emails to be forwarded to Gmail accounts or similar. If your club sends out newsletters and email campaigns, we recommend using GSuite to do this or your existing provider alongside your website.

We don’t have Instagram, does that mean we can’t have a photo gallery?

No! You can have a gallery of photos that we upload to the website instead.

We don’t have YouTube, does that mean we can’t have a video gallery?

No! You can have a gallery of videos that we upload to the website instead.

We use Facebook and Twitter, can we link to this?

We can create a link to your Facebook page.

Will there be limits on the number of pages we can add?

No, there are no limits. You can create as many pages as you wish following launch of your new website. Our team will work with you to populate your website before launch.

We’re not able to add new content very often, we don’t have the time, will this website still work well for us?

Yes. When you sign-up, let our team know that this is the case, and we'll make sure all of your content will last into the future so it doesn't need to be kept up to date.

How do we know this will generate additional leads?

Our team are experts in creating websites that are designed to generate leads. It'll be optimised from day one, and we'll continue to work on the platform as we see results to ensure you see the best return possible.

Could the website cater for trip reports?

There isn't currently a dedicated space for this, but this is a further development that we're considering. We'll let you know when this is available. In the meantime, you will be able to upload trip reports to the news area and store them in a category called "trip reports".

How much is hosting and support and what will that include exactly?

The £6 per month covers the web hosting, security certificate, domain and maintenance. There won't be any further costs than this.

Can we keep our own domain name (i.e.clubname.co.uk)? Can you manage it for us?

Yes! We'll work with you to transfer this over to us to manage. Alternatively, we can give you the details so you can hold onto it and point it towards us.

Is there an additional cost to take card payments for our event bookings?

There may be percentage charge from the payment gateway, but this depends which gateway you use. Feel free to speak to our team about this, and we can give you exact figures.

Is there any guarantee that the monthly support fee won’t go up too high?

If the cost does increase, we'll give 12 months notice, but we have no plans to increase this in the future.

Is BSAC HQ contributing to this?

BSAC has secured sponsorship funding to contribute towards the cost of this project, making it more cost-effective for clubs.

Will the set-up of Google Analytics be included?

Yes, and we'll share access with you so you can see your data as soon as the website is live.

We already have a website but are interested in your offering, how will we transfer our content over?

Our team will work with you on transferring your content over. They will be able to lift any content from your existing website and place this into the new one.

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